SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army) - Discografía [MEGA] [2015][320Kbps]

2003 - Peace in a Time of War (2003)
2005 - Dub in A Time of War (2005)
2006 - Get Wiser (2006)
2008 - Stars & Stripes (2008)
2008 - Syr Mahber (a soja production) (2008)
2009 - Born In Babylon (2009)
2010 - Everything Changes (Single) (2010)
2012 - Strength to Survive (2012)

2003  Peace in a Time of War (2003)
01- Revolution .mp3
02- Reality .mp3
03- Non Partial Non Political .mp3
04- Look Within .mp3
05- Rasta Courage .mp3
06- Peace In A Time Of War .mp3
07- Creeping In .mp3
08- Brothers & Sisters .mp3
09- True Love .mp3
10- Jah Atmosphere .mp3
11- Mother Earth .mp3
12- Forgive Don't Forget .mp3
13- Did You Ever .mp3
14- Time Come Due .mp3
15- The End .mp3 
2005  Dub in A Time of War (2005)
01  Dub In A Time Of War.mp3
02  In Jah I Must Fear.mp3
03  Jah Protect Dub.mp3
04  Dub You Ever.mp3
05  What It Takes.mp3
06  Fox Rocks.mp3
07  Just Like The Land.mp3
08  Only Dub Will Stand.mp3
09  Frienemy Dub.mp3
10  Real Dub.mp3
11  Jah Love.mp3
12  Within Dub.mp3
13  Negativity.mp3
14  Revolve.mp3
15  Se Acabo Dub.mp3

2006  Get Wiser (2006)
01- open my eyes.mp3
02- by my side.mp3
03-  my life alone.mp3
04- faith works.mp3
05- what would.mp3
06- strong for them.mp3
07- cant tell me.mp3
08- be aware.mp3
09- ive got time.mp3
10- sorry.mp3
11- bring back truth.mp3
12- you dont know me.mp3
13- 911.mp3
14-s devils.mp3
2008  Stars & Stripes (2008)
01 Stars and Stripes.mp3
02 To Whom It May Concern.mp3
03 Bleed Through.mp3
04 You Don't Know Me.mp3
05 Revolution.mp3
06 Be Aware.mp3

2008  Syr Mahber (a soja production) (2008)
01-bobby lee-be aware.mp3
02-bobby lee-faith works.mp3
03-luciano-hold on.mp3
04-prezident brown-trod again.mp3
05-zedicus-simien breeze.mp3
06-queen ifrica-i rise up.mp3
07-ras attitude-face off.mp3
08-jacob hemphill-rest of my life.mp3
09-sister carol-decadence.mp3
10-ras abel-unconditional love.mp3
11-batch-neck tie.mp3
12-tony rebel-i know.mp3
13-fear nuttin band-beware.mp3
14-don carmelo-what do you see.mp3
15-jah dan-no way.mp3
16-junior kelly-damn.mp3

2009  Born In Babylon (2009)
01-soja-born in babylon.mp3
02-soja-losing my mind.mp3
03-soja-used to matter.mp3
04-soja-bleed through ft. black boo of mambo sauce.mp3
05-soja-you and me ft. chris boomer.mp3
06-soja-dont forget.mp3
07-soja-decide youre gone.mp3
08-soja-i dont wanna wait.mp3
09-soja-i tried ft. gentleman and tamika.mp3
10-soja-never ever.mp3
11-soja-waking up.mp3
12-soja-summer breeze.mp3
14-soja-here i am ft. marley rory and eric of rebelution.mp3

2010  Everything Changes (Single) (2010)
01-soja-everything changes.mp3
02-soja-everything changes (blanco remix).mp3

2012  Strength to Survive (2012)
01 Mentality.mp3
 02 Strength to Survive.mp3
 03 Everything Changes.mp3
 04 Dont Worry.mp3
 05 Tell Me.mp3
 06 Its Not Too Late.mp3
 07 Gone Today.mp3
 08 Let You Go.mp3
 09 Not Done Yet.mp3
 10 Slow Down.mp3
 11 Be With Me Now.mp3
 12 When We Were Younger.mp3
 13 Gone Today (Acoustic 2010).mp3
 14 Jah is Listening Now (Acoustic 2010).mp3
 15 She Still Loves Me (Acoustic 2010).mp3
 16 Prison Blues (Acoustic 2011).mp3
Losing My Mind (Acoustic 2010).mp3
01 Tear It Down
02 Your Song (feat. Damian _Jr. Gong_ Marley)
03 I Believe (feat. Michael Franti & Nahko)
04 Easier (feat. Anuhea & J Boog)
05 Shadow (feat. Trevor Young)
06 Once Upon a Time
07 Promises and Pills (feat. Alfred The MC)
08 Signature
09 She Still Loves Me (feat. Collie Buddz)
10 Wait
11 Better
12 Treading Water
13 Lucid Dreams (feat. Nahko)
14 Driving Faster (feat. Bobby Lee)
15 Talking To Myself
16 Translation of One
17 Like It Used To (feat. Mala Rodríguez)

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