Michael Giacchino - Jurassic World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2015][320Kbps][MEGA]

01 Bury the Hatchling.m4a
02 The Family That Strays Together.m4a
03 Welcome to Jurassic World.m4a
04 As the Jurassic World Turns.m4a
05 Clearly His First Rodeo.m4a
06 Owen You Nothing.m4a
07 Indominus Wrecks.m4a
08 Gyrosphere of Influence.m4a
09 Pavane for a Dead Apatosaurus.m4a
10 Fits and Jumpstarts.m4a
11 The Dimorphodon Shuffle.m4a
12 Love in the Time of Pterosauria.m4a
13 Chasing the Dragons.m4a
14 Raptor Your Heart Out.m4a
15 Costa Rican Standoff.m4a
16 Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours.m4a
17 Growl and Make Up.m4a
18 Nine to Survival Job.m4a
19 The Park Is Closed.m4a
20 Jurassic World Suite.m4a
21 It's a Small Jurassic World.m4a
22 The Hammond Lab Overture.m4a
23 The Brockway Monorail.m4a
24 Sunrise O'er Jurassic World.m4a

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