VA - Fifty Shades of Lounge - 50 Smooth & Sexy Chill Tunes 4 Erotic Moments (2015) [MEGA][320 Kbps]

01. Cafe Americaine - Magical Mambo (Latin Lounge Cut).mp3
02. Chillwalker - Smooth Peter (Jazzbrunch Mix).mp3
03. Noise Boyz - I’m a Jazzwoman (Cooljazz Mix).mp3
04. Vladi Strecker - Red Wine (Slowjazz Mix).mp3
05. Cafe Americaine - Klub Karamel (Design Mix).mp3
06. Jazz City - A Broken Heart (Straight Away Mix).mp3
07. DJ Maretimo - La mère du genie (Funky Waves Mix).mp3
08. In Credo - Melange (Lazy Afternoon Cut).mp3
09. Green Lemon - Rauchy Stranger (Winchester Mix) [feat. Bernd Langer].mp3
10. Vladi Strecker - When All Sleep (Freejazz Mix).mp3
11. Noise Boyz - Pussycat (Swingin’ Voice Mix) [feat. Io Vita].mp3
12. Jazz Connection - Tranquility Station (Smooth Evening Cut).mp3
13. Noise Boyz - White Machine (Funky Lounge Mix).mp3
14. Mahoroba - City Waves (After Midnight Mix).mp3
15. Orange Music - Give Me Lovin (Jazzy Fingers Cut).mp3
16. Vladi Strecker - Wall Street Coffee (Da Funky Brokers Cut).mp3
17. The Man Behind C. - Rational Image (Jazzy Afternoon Mix).mp3
18. Jazzy James Jr. - Jazzmaster Session No. 1 (Future Jazz Cut).mp3
19. Skyway - In My Heart (Jazzcity Mix).mp3
20. Citrus Jam - In the Heat (Swinglounge Mix).mp3
21. Bay Area - Night Phone (Phunky Stuff Mix).mp3
22. In Credo - Suela (Lo Fi Mix).mp3
23. Cafe Americaine - Stories and Flames (22 P.m. Mix).mp3
24. Noise Boyz - No Adventure (Saxomatic Mix).mp3
25. Cocogroove - Martini Royale (Kiss Me James Mix).mp3
26. Noise Boyz - Rotating Minds (Deep Down Blue Mix).mp3
27. Vladi Strecker - Nostalgie du voyage (Jazzslider Mix).mp3
28. Green Lemon - Fantastic Matinee (Sax and Chips Mix).mp3
29. Jazzy James Jr. - Jill & Jazz (Non Vocal Skyline Mix).mp3
30. Noise Boyz - It’s All About Autumn (Jazzy Fingers Mix).mp3
31. Thermodynamics - Spectral Jazz (Phunky Phuture Mix).mp3
32. Noise Boyz - Jazz in Your Mind (R’n’Chill Mix) [feat. Bernd Langer].mp3
33. Cafe Americaine - Sex International (Deep Flow Cut).mp3
34. Jazz Boutique - Artificial Intelligence (Logarithmic Mix).mp3
35. Kid Coconutz - She Contemplates the Beach (Dreams and Sax Mix).mp3
36. Citrus Jam - Lady in Mahoon (Swing It Mix).mp3
37. Green Lemon - Visiting Suntown in June (A Deep Breath Mix).mp3
38. Noise Boyz - Cafe 3000 (Deep Guitar Mix).mp3
39. Cafe Americaine - Shanghai Superflight (Ethnojazz Cut).mp3
40. Noise Boyz - Fantastic Top (Saxxx Mix).mp3
41. Emotional - Move On and On (Funky Chilljam Cut).mp3
42. Orange Music - Hoping for a Winter’s Tale (Synthetic Mind Cut).mp3
43. Jazz City - They Call You (No Move Cut).mp3
44. The Man Behind C. - Talking with Myself (Vintage Note Mix).mp3
45. Noise Boyz - He Builds the World (Trump Me Cut).mp3
46. Mahoroba - Le sens de la vie (Tripnotized Mix).mp3
47. Chillwalker - Don’t Stop It (Electric Mix).mp3
48. Vladi Strecker - Tenderness (Very Smooth Evening Cut).mp3
49. Jason Tyrello - When Da Sun Is Gone (Relaxation Mix).mp3
50. Cyborg - Sounds (Chillout Relax Mix).mp3

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