VA - Rock! The Album (2015) [3CDs][MEGA][320Kbps]

VA - Rock! The Album (2015) Disc 1
01 Poison.mp3
02 Breaking the Law.mp3
03 Eye of the Tiger.mp3
04 Rock the Night.mp3
05 Any Way You Want It.mp3
06 Hold the Line.mp3
07 Total Eclipse of the Heart.mp3
08 Take It on the Run.mp3
09 Ma-Ma-Ma Belle.mp3
10 Frankenstein.mp3
11 Someone Told a Lie.mp3
12 Mighty Wings.mp3
13 Turn up the Radio.mp3
14 Up Around the Bend.mp3
15 The Warrior.mp3
16 Cherry Pie.mp3
17 Metal Health (Bang Your Head).mp3
18 Stayed Awake All Night.mp3
19 Your Love.mp3

VA - Rock! The Album (2015) Disc 2
01 More Than a Feeling.mp3
02 Bat Out of Hell.mp3
03 All the Young Dudes.mp3
04 Carry on Wayward Son.mp3
05 Barracuda.mp3
06 American Woman.mp3
07 Black Betty.mp3
08 Mississippi Queen.mp3
09 God Gave Rock and Roll to You.mp3
10 (Don't Fear) The Reaper.mp3
11 Eight Miles High.mp3
12 Shake Your Moneymaker.mp3
13 Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.mp3
14 Moonchild.mp3
15 Jingo.mp3
16 Speedy's Coming.mp3
17 Superstition.mp3
18 Stranglehold.mp3
19 Why Dontcha.mp3

VA - Rock! The Album (2015) Disc 3
01 Rocks.mp3
02 Slash 'N' Burn.mp3
03 Search and Destroy [Iggy Pop Mix].mp3
04 Vicious.mp3
05 Because the Night.mp3
06 She Bangs the Drums.mp3
07 All Day and All of the Night.mp3
08 Another Girl Another Planet.mp3
09 Alive & Amplified.mp3
10 Sparky's Dream.mp3
11 Naked.mp3
12 Over the Edge.mp3
13 Cat Scratch Fever.mp3
14 The Battle Rages On.mp3
15 Good Clean Fun.mp3
16 Satch Boogie.mp3
17 Bad Horsie.mp3
18 Voodoo Child (Slight Return).mp3
19 Race with the Devil.mp3
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
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